Work done with:

Schwepes/Oasis, Adidas, Printemps, festival Contretemps, Beatburst event, Le M.U.R de l’art, ville de Strasbourg, Artaq awards, Meeting of Style Perpignan, galerie Bora Baden-Nancy, Art top Galerie…

Live painting/exhibitions:

Sicilia (It), Barcelona (Sp) , Paris (Fr), Berlin (Ge), Ramallah (Pal), Detroit (USA), London (GB),  Copenhaguen (Da), Angers (Fr), Aix en Provence (Fr), Perpignan (fr) , Rennes (Fr), Toulouse (Fr)…


Born in 1982 in Bretagne (Fr), he actually works and live in Strasbourg (east of France). He started painting walls at the end of 90s with his hip hop dancing group of friend.

Established in 2000 in Rennes (Fr) for university cursus, he took his final name « Rensone » for painting « wildstyle » letters. During 2004, he moved to Strasbourg for his job but continue his artistic process by painting hyperrealist characters and by painting huge walls.

Three years later, he started working on hybrid characters as a combination of letters and body members. Tired of painting faces, he started to remove the head and focus on the body expression. Always on the road, he lives and paint with his girlfriend Missy: